Overlord 2 Giveaway!

A free game is offered on “gamesessions” – “OVERLORD II”.

As written on gamesessins:

Become an evil overlord and crush the Glorious Empire with our latest Giveaway: Overlord 2!

Overlord 2 lets you control hoards of evil minons to crush your enemies. If you like strategy games like Pikmin but find them a bit too cute to your taste, then you’ll love Overlord 2.

To claim your free copy of the game, just log in to your GameSessions account and download Overlord 2. Play the game for 5 minutes to activate it and it will then be yours to keep forever on GameSessions!

I’ll give you my 2 cents for this one, this is a game for kids, definitely not for adults, so if you have someone to give it to, go for it, otherwise…  :/

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